Ramen Nagi Singapore

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Tokyo's Award-winning Ramen Chain

With over 50 outlets spread across Asia, Ramen Nagi brings its handcrafted steaming bowls of ramen to the heart of Singapore.

Limited King

Veggie King

LIMITED KING ALERT: If you think vegetables aren’t tasty, think again! Natural sweet extracts of carrots and vegetables blending with Nagi’s award-winning tonkotsu pork-bone broth – be prepared for a hearty bowl of nutritious yet flavourful infusion! Topped with crunchy carrot slices, fresh shredded cabbages, tender chashu slices and a touch of parsley, treat your body well with a refreshing bowl of healthy, natural goodness! Launching 4 June and only 400 bowls available. Hurry, try it before it’s sold out!

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